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The Gathering House

Our client approached us with a dated kitchen that lacked the essential storage solutions and spaciousness required for both culinary endeavors and hosting gatherings with their extensive family. They also needed an addition to accommodate their grown children.


In this vibrant kitchen remodel project, functionality was paramount for a family that cherishes both cooking and entertaining. 

To cater to their specific needs, we installed refrigerator drawers for convenient beverage storage and additional refrigerator space. The choice of a matte concrete-look quartz countertop adds a touch of modern sophistication, while the watery, milky white backsplash creates an expansive and radiant backdrop, beautifully contrasting with the matte countertop.

The kitchen boasts a 48-inch range and a generously sized hood vent, emphasizing its role as a space designed for active cooking. Every element was carefully considered to ensure everything had its dedicated place, promoting a sense of order and functionality. Despite the asymmetrical layout of the space, we artfully balanced it to harmonize with the overall design.

A pantry was seamlessly integrated into the cabinetry, providing convenient storage solutions that mix with the kitchen’s aesthetic. The attention to detail is evident throughout, right down to the matching outlets that discreetly blend with the materials they adorn.

In a home where baking and cooking are cherished traditions, we meticulously planned every aspect. Spice storage, cookie sheets, charging stations, aprons, vases, and even a step stool all found their designated spaces. The island itself became a haven for baking essentials, ensuring that everything needed for culinary creativity was within easy reach.

Our Favorite Details:

The juxtaposition of the lustrous milky backsplash against the rugged concrete countertop, perfectly complemented by the stunning custom hood.

Custom hood vent design in Bend Oregon by Iron Roots Design


The addition is a warm and inviting space designed with the clients’ grown children and their growing families in mind. This multifunctional area was crafted to provide a welcoming haven, complete with a kitchenette, family room, bedroom, and a dedicated closet for guests.

To cater to the needs of the family, we incorporated thoughtful elements such as an 18-inch dishwasher, a convenient mini fridge, and even a specialized glass rinser, perfect for handling the grandchildren’s bottles with ease. Every detail was considered to ensure a seamless and comfortable stay for visiting family members.

In our design approach, we worked with the existing flooring, blending the old and new. To infuse a touch of vibrancy into the space, a carefully selected color palette was introduced, adding character and depth to the overall design.

Blue bathroom interior design by Iron Roots Design



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Iron Roots Design interior design studio in Bend Oregon

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Iron Roots Design interior design studio in Bend Oregon

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